The World within ⋯⋯ Pas de Deux of Original Prints and Books

2024.02.07 - 2024.03.31

The World within ⋯⋯ Pas de Deux of Original Prints and Books

Two art forms stemming from the ancient art of printing, printmaking, and books often journey together through the river of time, embracing each other, dancing in harmony. Sometimes, printmaking serves as a complement to the textual narrative of books, while at other times, books become the ultimate form of printmaking.

In this moment just after the tumultuous presidential election, amidst the lingering echoes of noise, Gallery de Sol continues its warm reflection from last year’s New Year exhibition, “Between the Trails to the Oriental Dream.” This year, themed around books, the gallery showcases a collection of printmaking books spanning nearly a century alongside adorable bookplates (EX-LIBRIS), inviting everyone to share in a year filled with wisdom and beauty in the shining Year of the Dragon.

The Tales of Perrault from 1922, illustrated by Drian in two-color copperplate, presents familiar fairy tales like Cinderella and Bluebeard, revealing the aesthetic heights achievable through illustrated storytelling. Printmaking books from the 1960s and 1970s by artists such as Zao Wou-ki, Joan Miró, Joan Mitchell, and prominent Japanese printmakers illustrate the trend of printmaking merging with books during that era.

This unique commercial form, using original prints to enhance the reading and collecting value of books, also opened up another fascinating possibility for printmaking creation. The bookplates (EX-LIBRIS) created by contemporary Taiwanese fine art print artist Yang Chung-Ming, originating from Europe, represent another delightful application of printmaking closely related to books yet possessing its own unique charm.